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What is Wutetama?

Wutetama is a word that comes from the Ethiopian language Amharic. It simply means "efficient." The Wutetama Project's purpose is to create a simple and efficient open-source Content Management System (or CMS) that will be capable of integrating with current websites. By keeping the project open-source (free to be used, edited, and distributed), we hope to promote technology freedom. You are free to use it. You are certainly free to improve it.

Hopefully, when the project releases its first full version, we will have a PHP and MySQL application that is capable of providing important tasks such as user authentication and database interface for any pre-existing HTML-based website (with only minor additions to the original HTML). This will give novice website designers (using Frontpage or any other WYSIWYG editor) a lot of ability without a lot of headaches.

This concept should make anybody want to give a "w00t!"